Any High Rank Officer from the US Army here?

If there is any MX enthusiastic Officer from the US Army on this Board and is willing to help me please send me a PM

We are looking in some help in contacting the US Army nearby my home to start an MX Track on their Training Area.

This Area was earlier used by the army as a auto and mx track but now not much soldiers are here anymore so nobody is on that area anylonger.

But we don`t know who to contact and main thing is we don't wanna run into the wrong hands as this environment guys.

This area is the absolute perfect surface for an mx track even after some heavy rains you still can ride there :)

So please if any Army Officer is here and willing to help I rely appreciate that and contact me.



I am not in the service anymore, but your best bet would be to contact the base's public relations officer. All military bases have one and that is one of their jobs is to work with locals in joint efforts. You should be able to get him by just phoning into the base operator and asking for the public relations officer. Good luck, sounds like fun.

Yeah I know that is the normal way.

But if there is one in this forum and is also an mx rider i bet that is a much easyer way and also open some doors if he know what to do and to say :)

Because if you once at the wrong person its all over.

Like always connections sometimes open closed doors :)

And you can bet that this place is one of the best you can imagine

That would give one of Germanys best MX track I bet

Thanks for responding


I wouldn't waste my time. First of all the Army isn't gonna open up it's facilities or even land for that matter, to a whole lot of non-military personel. It poses a huge liability risk, not to mention security risk. I would be willing to bet in the states this would never happen, and overseas this would never never never happen. In todays political climate, no way.

High ranking non combat-arms military officers (Colonel and above) are more diplomats than anything else. It would end their career if they pushed for a track and something bad happened.

Now if this land is not on a military post or within a training area the story might be different, but then why would you need their help.

I would just sneak on,(if it's not fenced), remember it is far easier to ask foregiveness than permission.

Maybe I have a bad attitude, but I was a lower ranking Army guy for 4 years, and I know from experience that in the military it is very easy to say no, and you don't need a good reason, "because I said so" often suffices.

my .02, babbs

Clubs that I have belonged to have built and raced on MX tracks that were located on two different military in Rota, Spain and one in Norfolk, VA. In both cases we had full permission to run the races after signing a non-liability paper drawn up by the base legal officer. We were allowed to bring non-military people onto the base to race. Heck, we even got the SeaBees to build extremely nice tracks in exchange for all the beer they could drink....and those guys can drink some beer!!!! :) It would have been cheaper to rent the equipment and build it ourselves....

When you go to the base, have as much supporting documentation as you can. Explain exactly what you'd like to do, where it would be located, what changes you'd need to make to the landscape, ingress/egress, what safety/medical precautions you will take for participants, accept responsibility for keeping the area clean, and have a sample no-liability document that riders would be required to sign. Just walking in and saying "Hey General Dude...we wanna build a racetrack on your property" will get you tossed out on your butt in a millisecond.

Your sig says you're in Germany, so if you could get some local community leaders that are also into bikes to accompany you, so much the better. Bases are usually more willing to be cooperative if the host nation is involved.

I would also look at making a good natural terrain track rather than a supercross style one. Natural tracks can be just as challenging and fun as artificial ones and don't scream "danger, danger" to a non-rider.

Good luck...



Everything changed after 911

all open gates have been closed

they used to allow dirtbikers on tanktrails at a few installations, not anymore

Thanks for your opinions Guys.

I know that its not an easy issue. Thats why I ask over here and maybe someone can give me some advice or help in this case.

This area is not inside a Army Base everybody can walk around there.

Its only property of the Army and is used from time to time for training.

But`s such a huge area it would not matter if we can use a part of it.

The problem over here is we never ever find a local community leader who will stand up for our interests. ya know MX is Loud, dangerous and stinks :) They shot down more tracks than even think of build another one.

I´ll try to get as much informations in advance as I can than we want go to the Public relations office and tell them what we wanna do.

Maybe we find some open ears and maybe not

But anyways its worth a try :)

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