ttr125 size

Im selling my xr80 and i planning on getting a 2002 ttr125, but what i was wondering on my xr80 its pretty small for me, im about 5"2 will the ttr125 be fine for my height.


I'm 5'6" and ride a ttr 125L - it is slightly larger than the regular ttr125. I am a new rider though, so maybe if I were more experienced I would need a bigger bike. But for now, I love it!!

You're about the same height as my wife. Get the TT125L or LE and you'll be fine.

The L models have bigger tires on them and a better suspension. They sit a little higher than the regular 125's.

there is really only one ttr125 in town and its not the L model, so what im asking is if i get the regular model will i be fine or will i be feeling like its to small for me like my xr80 feels.


Is it in a place where you can't see it?

The only way to know for sure how it feels to you, is for you to go sit on it.


im 6' 1'' and im ridin a ttr125le lol and i like it its just a bit to slow for me but i plan on gettin a wr soon but i think you will like the ttr

Just go sit on one and see how it feels. The regular size is 30.5" seat height I think.

Go for one of the L models. They are much better with disk front brakes.

go for the le its the best out of the models, my girl rides and likes it she about 5'6 or so.

If I were in your situation, I would buy a TTR 125L just because you will be able to get used to the height if you dont like it, and you will most likely love the bike after a very short while! I believe I was shorter than that when I got my brand new TTR 125L almost 2 years ago, and not too long ago paid it off, but anyways, your at that age most likely, where you will be growing and growing. So I definately suggest getting a 125L version. Earlier in the post, some have said go for the LE, but some mods are limited because of its differences, and also, I live in NY and its freezing now, and the bike starts after only 3 kicks*I went out yesterday to fire it up, and was so happy! It is ridiculously easy to start the bike, in summer only 1 kick, and rarely 2 are needed! Anyways>>>there is no need for wasting money paying for an electric start bike! Just have fun riding whatever you get! :) Cody

yea you will fit it becuse im 5'5 and i fit a ttr 125l fine

My daughter is 5' 2" (with long legs) and she easily fits on the 125L. She can almost flat-foot the bike even in motocross boots if she sits close to the tank. Listen to everyone else and get the L or LE version, NOT the 125 with the smaller tires and drum brakes. The bigger wheels and disc brakes are well worth it. One can make a good case for getting the LE version if you plan to keep it for a while.

You did not mention your age, weight, or experience. My daughter could almost ride a taller bike, but she could not lift a much-heavier CRF150 if/when she drops it. The TTR is no problem for her, it's 180 lbs. and the weight is down low. We bought one a week ago, and she likes it so much after one ride that she doesn't miss her old "red" bike at all. The TTR suspension is much better than the XR-100 we were considering.

D'oh, I just saw your other thread that you already bought the used 125. It it is a better bike than the XR-80, and I'm surprised I'm saying this because I am a Honda fan. Enjoy it. :)

Hey You Just Had That Post That You Bought An 01' Ttr125l For Cheaper Than Usual. :)

i have a 2004 125ttr in the regular frame and im 5'8... but if you go down to an authorized dealer they have 125s in the 250 frame for those who are taller, or they can order one from yamaha. but you can just buy the smaller one if you'd like.

i think you should go with the L or LE model about your size and it seems to fit me fine.

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