rear tube keeps popping

hello, yz 450 rear tube keeps ripping under valve stem nut, i used duct tape to wrap rim but still gets flat , also read in magizine that if you loosen the top nut half way on stem it helps, but still rips in same place, i only run heavy duty tubes, anybody have advice or hints that will help, thank you for your time, ---jah lives---

Try a new rim lock with your next tube.

Agreed, also make sure your rim lock is tight.

2 rimlocks

Do you use any baby powder in the wheel? It's suposed to let the tube shift around some without binding. Your rimlocks should be snug not super tight.

Have you checked that there are no "burrs" or rough edges on the valve stem hole on the inside of the rim?

Had the same problem with my 426... Every time I would go out to the track almost, I would come home with a flat. Mostly happened to me in the whoops, put a hd tube in and made sure there were not any rough edges in the rim and didn't have a problem after that... Make sure to check the inside of the tire for a sharp piece of something that could have made its way in there :) Good Luck :)

Also I would chuck the valve stem nut. If the tube/tire move on the rim then the stem can go along for the ride.

thanks for all the help will try all of your tips ,

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