Tourque specs for crankcase cover

I asked this in another thread of mine, I am sorry for being such a hammer head, but I am really confused now!! I definitely want to torque the bolts to factory specs using a torque wrench, but I keep getting different answers on what the correct torque is. So Far I did some research on old posts, and here are my findings for those bolts:

4 ft/lbs

4.5 ft/lbs

5 ft/lbs

6 ft/lbs

8 ft/lbs

7-9 ft/lbs

I don't wan't it to leak, or have the bolts come loose, and I also don't want to over tighten and ruin the threads. What should I do? can the mechanics on this board PLEASE help me come to a conclusion on this? The manual I have says 8 ft/lbs, but most people here think that it is WAY too tight for those bolts!! I am at 55 in/lbs now (~4.6 ft/lbs) They kind of feel too loose to me, but then again, the wrench is about a foot long. What should I set my wrench to?

I wish people would throw away the torque wrenches and use a little common sense with these screws. They are only 6 mm screws. Un-marked so strength is un-known. Probably a 8.8, (about the same as a US grade 5) but I don't really know that for sure. Torque to a maximum of 60 inch pounds with an accurate torque wrench. Don't use a 50 ft lb clicker set to 5 ft lb. Use a wrench around 100 inch pound scale with a dial and do not go over 60 inch pounds. Handle length should be relative to bolt size. You can not get a good feel using a 12 in long handle on a 6mm screw. The proper size torque wrench for a 6mm screw will not have a 10 or 12 inch long handle.

As for the published torque specs. I can not find any screws in the cases that use 8 ft lbs. The manual is wrong many places. The 4 and 7 figures are "boiler Plate" per head markings. Some of those head markings aren't even used on the motorcycle. I would only use 7 ft lb where it is specifically called out as on the head, cylinder, and cam journals.

Really the case screws do not have a defined torque and the outer cover screws do not need more torque than you can get with a screwdriver. An 8mm "T" handle wrench used 1 handed works well. The case won't leak and the screws will not come loose.


Totally agree with Noble

Treat them like a screw


tighten them by hand.

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