Marzocchi Forks for the 150!!!!!!

In the latest issue of Mini Moto magazine Marzocchi's General Manager Shannon Decker says, "We're also in the process of working on projects for the CRF150, TTR125, TTR90 and XR70's." I am going to send them an e-mail to find out some more info, I will keep you all posted.


oh man, that would be freakin sweet!


My company is a Marzocchi distributor, and we've been hearing about the 150 forks for about a month now. We've agreed on a business strategy not to deal with the `zoke suspension for minis, but with the growing popularity of the 125/150 supermotos (and the fact that I and my business partner each have two CRF 150s in our families :) ), we are looking into these.

We'll be at the Indy Dealers Expo this weekend and are scheduled to meet with the guys from Marzocchi, and I'll post any details on specs and availabillity that I can squeeze out of them when I get back.


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