Looking for a new ride.

:) Alright, just wanted some opinions from a few people. I am looking at getting a new bike and was wondering if you would offer some opinions and possibly some facts for me. Here is the deal, I do a little bit of most types of riding, motocross, desert, a little woods, some jumping and some hill climbing. I'm wondering what kind of bike you would recomend that is pretty good at all these forms of riding, and would be hopefully green sticker legal. Anyways a little info about me, 6'1" 220lbs, been riding about 15 years, mostly desert and trails, and currently ride a '97 YZ 250. Any thoughts or insight would be helpfull. One more thing, some buddies of mine have purchased bikes with a red sticker and havent really had a problem being restricted from any riding areas. Should I even worry about the green sticker, cuz I'd like to be able to go wherever whenever. :)

Do you plan to do any road riding with it? If so then a DRZ400S is about the best you can find. A few mods and it'll work great in all situations. If you're not going to do any road riding then look at a WR450.

Agreed. Aside from highway cruising, I can't think of anything my WR450F can't do.

no road riding in the plans. I would need something thats large enough for me and the wife for that :)

Sounds like you'd really enjoy a WR450..... :)

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