manual cam chain adjuster

how often (hours) do any of you need to adjust your

manual cam chain adjuster. or is it just wait until things

start to rattle.

the thread on mine is course so i guess the idea is

not to much at a time..


Never had to adjust mine. Wait until (or rather if) it rattles then adjust.

i have not had adjust the mcct since day 1 i installed.

but is good to check the cam chain tension once a while when ya doing valve clearance. :)

ok but how would i check the tension

just visually look at the cam chain when the top cover is open up

it should be the same tightness as when the first time ya adjusted the mcct.


Over a year and havn't had to touch it! :)

last I heard burned has had his longer than most here and he has had to adjust his

im the originator of the mod and have never adjusted mine.

Thanks for the input burned, hope you don't mind that I referenced you before.

no problem. :)

Do a search in this forum. Use MCCT. Bitech Machine makes a great one and thet are available by contacting Rui is the guy you want to contact and his handle here, he's a TT member, is Machinist. There'a about a hundred pages of info...Good luck... :)

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