vertemati reliability?

as noted next door, there is a vertemati on ebay. anyone know about their reliability?

were they and vor related at some point, or one broke off from the other? i heard vor stand for vertemati off road.

anyway, how much of a leap is it buying one? i've had a husaberg and know what that is like, and will buy another when the right one cames along.

thanks, mac

I have the same bike as kickstart version.

Reliability is not better or worse then Husaberg or other Euro-bikes.

The problem is at the moment that there are nearly no spare parts available , as Vertemati is down since last summer. I heard they make a new beginning these days


Serious hard core hand built race bike. VOR was once Vertimatti off road things like gear driven cams and forward kick starts are shared by the bikes. However the Vertimatti brothers felt that thier ideas and bike were getting to compromised from the demands of mass production which is basically what VOR was a mass produced Vertimatti. So the brothers packed up shop and were making bikes again for a while but I havn't heard since. Would expect the ancilleries like mirrors indicatiors etc etc to be woeful. The bike itself probally goes like a cut snake reliablity I'm not sure I would expect a long service life as the brothers were all about outright performance. I remeber reading about the seat acting as the lid for the sirbox and the fuel cap. You had to remove the seat just to fill it up. I remeber something about 20KUSD when they were new for the SM. Not particular helpful me thinks where and what the brothers are doing now I have no idea.

It probably doesn't matter what they (Vert bros.) are doing, the bikes are fantastic when they are new and running, but boat anchors when something breaks. If someone doesn't mind dealing with the issues associated with owning an extremely exotic/beautiful/difficult bike, it would be just fine! People do it all the time, but don't go into this thinking that you're getting a XR400, it's a VERY different kind of experience. The other thing is that it probably will not change for them any time soon, this is just the way it goes until Ducati or someone with deep pockets buys them, don't hold your breath. I guess that I really didn't address RELIABILITY, just parts availability. So, if well taken care of, most of these boutique bikes are as reliable as any CRF/YZ/RMZ, which is to say-it's up to YOU! BE SURE TO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO EVERY DETAIL.

When buying a used the prior owner(s) serviced and/or maintained the bike is everything....this is 10X more important with an exotic, which by nature is a high maintainence item.....

If the bike looks well taken care of and if service and complete vehicle history is known; then the bike will most likely be an ok item....if in doubt...walk away...

Even if you find a gem/cherry still have a near total lack of parts, and no dealer/service or importer/manufacturer you are pretty much on your own.....

If you are collecting thats one thing....if you plan to ride the beast...then you may want to buy 2 or 3 of the same bike ( we are talking about bikes no longer in production/with no factory viability here) you can essentially have your own spares.....

Bimota, Vertemati, Laverda.....all similar situations

A basic word of warning.....if you buy an exotic, you are best to by one with a living/breathing manufacturer, importer, and dealer network....

If you buy an exotic from an extinct brand.....then be prepared to own it, enjoy it....until it breaks...and then you may or may not be able to fix it, or get parts....even maintainence items can be impossible to find.....

I speak from experience with a number of exotics in my stable....but having said all this....I stll collect them.....because I rarely ride a single bike much in a give year if that ....I can enjoy them longer....

For most people, an exotic makes a good additional bike to own, and enjoy....but its usually best to have a more mainstream bike as your daily ride...

Few people can own and ride exotics only ( Im one of them) and be happy with the good and bad that this means... :):)

A basic word of warning.....if you buy an exotic, you are best to by one with a living/breathing manufacturer, importer, and dealer network....

You are right daotoys1 but fortunately the main problem is only engine parts and plastics. The rest is the usual euro stuff ( Brembo , Dellorto , Talon , WP , SEM ).That can be purchased at any Husky/TM/GAsGAs/KTM Dealer.

Frames can be welded......


to bad that engine parts are needed for maintainence, repairs, and upkeep ( to keep the beast running), and plastics, and vehicle specific components are needed to keep the bike cosmetically intact......

I have a few bikes that are extinct models/ take on it is to not ride them ( if you only have one copy)...or have multiple copies of the bike you ride ( for example...I have 3 of the same bike so I can ride it and not worry...another bike I ride, I have 5 copies of for the same reason)....but Im a bit O/C when it comes to exotics....

For every day use, I usually will use a more mainstream model/make...still euro of course...since I dont go for the oriental bikes to much ( not enough personal craftmanship for my tastes)...


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