sdg shift star

i was looking at my mates sdg shift star and now i can c why it gets nutrel all the time has any 1 tried making the grooves bigger because as the selector goes past each gear the teeth arnt big enough so it can go 2 far if you press 2 hard im gonna try it and ill let you guys know how it went has any 1 tried a frame brace on there sdg or xr if so what 1 cos i bent my frame it is gonna cost me $350 au for a new 1 and ill prob just bend it again so ill get a brace straight away :)

ive had the same problem on my sdg... everytime i go into a corner and shift down from third into second, it hit neutral... i called them up and they said it normal during break in period, but i mean ive had it since september and its still doing it and ive changed the oil plenty of times. Maybe ill get a chance sometime soon and take a look at it, if you give it a try and it fixes the problem let me know... id really appreciate it :)

Did you have the clutch cover off your sdg? I took mine apart to replace the kickstart shaft and when i put the clutch cover back on i had no clutch. Is there anything that goes on top of the clutch or does the thing on the cover just go directly onto the clutch bearing?


it was my mates bike ill ask him at work and post tomorow

i had my bike since june and it is still doing it i change oil all the time ill post when i try it :)

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