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05 Sachs shock ring nut size

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I was gonna buy a "spanner" or hook wrench yesterday so I can set my preload on my shock. The one I saw in the shop I visited was a motion pro double ended thing and it had two metric sizes. I forget the sizes....I got spooked and thought hmmmm I better know the size of my ring nuts on my 05 TE-510 Sachs shock first before spending another 15 bucks on a tool I wouldn't need. anyone know the size of the Sachs ring nuts?

Mean while I used the old fashioned big screwdriver and mallet method. It worked real good, I put the bike on a center stand and one-two whacks loosened the ring nut, I spun it up with a spray shot of wd40 and whacked away at the lower adjuster nut till I got what I needed. Took about 4-5 full turns to move the sag from about 6" back to about 4" roughly I was by myself and did it by eye. The sag had really changed on the bike on day three. The shock must have broken in on day two.

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