@003 Yz 450 ishard to start hot or cold

I have a 2003 yz 450 that used to start on the first or second kick . Now it won't start hot or cold very easily. I have to kick it for about ten minutes. If I get tired of kicking I push start with a friend. Once it is running it runs great. I need help!!!!!!!!!!

Have you checked you valves lattely. When they get tight the bike gets hard to start.

New plug maybe.

Clean the carb really good.

That is about the only thing I can think of.

I agree with everything yzman said. Be sure to do the plug first, as it may save yourself alot of time screwing with the carb/valves. Usually, if my bike didn't start after 10-15 kick cold/hot, I put a new plug in and it would start first kick (00' 426)....That would be my guess, never heard of many valve clearance issues with the YZF line, but if the plug doesn't do it, valves would be next on my list. Take a peak at them, wont take much time. Good Luck

Pete :)

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