my new '04

I just took it for it's first spin on Monday. Lovely bike - has hardly been driven.



sweet,cool pic

remember to keep those elbows up :)

Roost, what part of Ireland are you in? got to go over a couple of years ago and hav many fond memories, didn't get to moto though :)

I'm in Dublin.

To be honest there's not very much motocross in Ireland. There are a few tracks, but not much. I can't say what quality they are because I've only been on a few tracks. There's a little bit more up north. The track I'm on in the pictures will be gone in a few months. Going to be a new town there :)

I've seen many pics of your tracks around america and we have nothing like that here !

I'm new to dublin myself, just bought a wr426 with supermoto tyres on it, is your bike setup for the road or just dirt? Am looking for someone to ride with

My bike is setup for dirt.

I've got another bike for the road.

I'm near Howth, in Dublin. Will be probably out this Sunday. A friend drove past the track today and said that there was a new fence stopping us from getting in so It's possible that if we can't get in we'll be somewhere else.

My name is Mick. My email is mickskelly at Head by the track if you are interested. Email me if you like and I'll try to give you directions.

Sweet! Congratulations!

The '04 is a good bike but the '05 is the cream of the crop you know... :)


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