Which Brush Guards for a 650R?

I just bought some Wacker guards and they don't clear the levers and the plastic didn't offer as much coverage as I thought it would? Does anyone out there that rides in the desert have any suggestions for avoiding the thorns?

i like the cycra pro bends

I like the stockers.

They work great for the desert deflecting the occasional bush.

If you're looking for the best protection than get the Acerbis Pro Rally guards. If you're looking for minimal protection and flexibility go with a different brand. As to the cycra comment: I tried them and found them to be brittle. Broke the second ride out. I can't tell you how many time the Acerbis have saved my steed from bent bars, and crash wounds. Really a good brand.

the stock hand guards work the best in the desert.

As to the cycra comment: I tried them and found them to be brittle. Broke the second ride out.

I broke my Cycra's in the first few weeks of having them.

I replaced them with a used pair of Maier(?) with custom shields. They are still hangin on.


another vote for stock for desert stuff.

maybe woods guys need some aluminum for those tree wacks, but creosote, cholla cactus and mesquite will be tamed by the OEM units...plus the wrap arounds have draw backs.

they can break your wrist. they can come un-done. they are a bit confineing, they can get deformed...some wont clear your levers, etc. etc.

I use the original Bark Buster aluminum bars with Maier or UFO full wrap plastics. Never broke a lever, my hands never get hit and on cold days the wind does not hit my hands. Can't ask for more than that. :)

another vote for stock for desert stuff.

...plus the wrap arounds have draw backs.

they can break your wrist. they can come un-done. they are a bit confineing, they can get deformed...some wont clear your levers, etc. etc.

I can't agree with you more. I sprained my wrist pretty bad last season due to the wrap-around style. Got my fingers caught between the clutch lever and the guard. I was down for 5 weeks....not good. However, they've saved me more times than hurt me. In New england you gotta weigh those statistics carefully..

Acerbis rally pro's with the levers shortend,Workin great :)

I use Endura Engineering quards and so far so good. Even using stock length levers.

I will buy your broken, damaged, pos Cycras!

I have used many different brands throughout the years and have found Cycras to be by far the best. People will say whatever.

Get what you like.


I will buy your broken, damaged, pos Cycras!

Yeah I could use the bar mount on the right side also if anyone has an extra Cycra mounts they would like to sell :D

I ran the Acerbis rally pro's till they were so beat up I had to change them out. the rally pro's did take a few levers out when I crashed because the aluminum they use bends real easy maybe thats why i never broke em - would just bend them back and go. I would probally still have them if I could of changed the plastic out :) . I did have to use short levers also because the sit pretty close to the controlls.

I like the big plastic cups the Cycra pro's have and you can change the plastic out for $14 from the TT store. You can use the stock levers also because there is a lot more room in the controll area - To be honest I did break my Cycra pro's the first time down :D but I also broke the rear fender off,the right side plate, kick stand and my leg had to have a couple of screws put in it :)

I am going to stick with the Cycra pro's - I am just not going to crash anymore :p

Good Luck,


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