DR 450 with two?

Hi everyone,

I have had the bike in my sig for over two years now. I have been thinking of trading to a dr 400 or 650 to get a bike with a plate. I am also interested in taking the girlfriend with me on trips. Most riding will take place on gravel roads or rural country roads. I have read several reviews that stated that the 400 was not a good bike for two people. How many of you ride with two and what do you think? All opinions appreciated. Thanks

i have taken several trips (short ones) with my girlfriend on the back and it works ok. The seat is a little uncomfortable and she complains that her back gets pretty sore though. If you are planning to keep the wr, then you may want to find something more suited to double riding. for your only bike then i'd go with the drz, the 650 will disappoint you for dirt riding solo, it's way too heavy.

Be honest. How much do you weigh together? How much real dirt riding do you intend doing. How much and how far will your girl be going.

I think you have reached a point where you have to choose one or the other worlds...or add a bike instead of replacing one.

I have carried a 250 pound adult with me for a couple blocks...and it is scary to say the least. I have carried a 150 pound adult with me and it was not that bad. Be we only went about 10-15 miles. My son who weighs less then 50 pounds...I barely even know he is there. I'd go any where with him if I thought he would be able to stay on the bike.

If I planned to carry a full size adult very often or for very far...it woul either be on a v-strom 1000, a KTM 950 adventure or a BMW GS1100. These are probably the only 3 dual sports that I would consider for this task...and I would know that true dirt riding (IE...hill climbing, rock jumping, mudding, tight single track) would be out of the question.

I ride double with my woman all the time on gravol roads, etc. Did over 60km of dirt road one day.

I weigh 190, and she weighs...well im probly not supposed to say but lets just say its above 115 and below 125 :)

My wife likes to go riding with me too. She says it is so much fun and she loves to go. But, she doesn't like to go very often, which is just fine with me. If she is like my wife, then she doesn't want one of her own and she wants to go just the right amount of time, where it is not hampering me down by always wanting to come and we still have a lot of fun when we go. I would not dare to take her on a tight trail and is can get a little toppsy. But taking her on little hills and short rides is fun. I would also not ride with her for more than 5 or 6 miles as it can get uncomfortable for both people riding.

Thanks for your opinions guys. I have owned other dual sport bikes in the past and I know that they are not the most comfortable thing in the world. I didn't know if the 400 was worse than normal with two people aboard. I just want something that I can ride trails with my friends at a good speed, ride to work every once in a while, and still ride the girlfriend down to the local fishing hole or into town (20 min ride). I know that I may be asking to much out of one bike. I don't really want to buy another bike though, so I may have to do some compromising. I would still like to hear from others that ride two. What do you guys think?

check this out :)


I ride two up fairly often. I weigh 225, my wife 120. I used to ride a KLR650 and she loved going on long rides on it. Very comfortable, but not very good offroad. She finds the DRZ less comfortable, but we still do rides of up to a couple of hours. She has a little cushion she brings because the seat doesn't have much padding near the rear. Otherwise it works fine for both of us.

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