Indoor EnduroCross in Rapid City, SD


photo no worky. :)

Should be fixed. Thanks

I read about EnduroCross in Feb '05 Dirt Bike Mag. Man that looks like fun !

Looks like it would cost a lot of money to set it up. Hopefully it will become popular and profitable so we have a way to compete in the winter :)


That is so freakin awesome. Beyond professional. :)

I was wondering how the races went?

I heard that there were some riders injured at the arenacross the weekend before, but maybe that was a rumor. I wanted to come down and race the enduro, but my work schedule screwed that up.

It was a class act event. A good time was had by all. No riders got hurt in this event. About 70 riders signed up and the stands were full. The crowd really enjoyed the races. It would have been nice to have more riders but the riders that were there that I talked to said they would definitely do it again. Endurance in Feb. was a factor, though.

A few ND riders were there. I talked to Steve from Bismarck. He works for KTM and previously for Cycle Hut. I am still trying to get pictures and will post them if I do.

I know Steve Drewlo, but he doesn't probably know me. He got a great opportunity from KTM, but it was a real blow to Cyclehutt to lose him. I stop and talk to the crew at Cyclehutt whenever I go to Bismarck. They are GREAT people. We raced in Rapid City last March, and we were very impressed with the way the races were run. They have the best soil I have ever seen.

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