Max Tire Size 650 DR

I have a 2001 DR650 the back tire on it now is a 130/80/17 it looks to small.What is the largest dimension of tire that will fit between the swing arm?

I ride 90% street I know some of you have a Dunlop 606 130/90/17 that's to aggressive a tread for what I need but I cant find a 80-90% street tire in that size.I definitely want a wider tire.Does the middle number represent the width of a tire,I know 17 is the rim size.

The dunlop 604 is a great street tire for that bike. But I don't know if you can get it any wider than 130. Oh yeah the middle number is the hight of the tire.

The stock rear rim on the DR650 is 2.5 inch wide. I wouldn't fit anything wider then 130 on the rim. A 140 can go in easily but might be abit too wide for the rim. too much flex if u know what i mean. BTW, I changed my rear rim to 4.25 and dumped a 150/60R17 street tyre onto it. :)

Djebel, how bout some pics! :):)

Wouldn't it just be easier to have the hub re spoked with an 18" rim? Large tire selection then.

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