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Pre-Entry is OPEN for Stateline Supermoto Challenge

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Pre-Entry is OPEN for the Stateline Supermoto Challenge. To sign up, click Here for Pre-Entry . Don't forget to make your room reservations at Buffalo Bills with the Rate Code of: SCS0401. (1-800-FUN-STOP)

There will be a $4,000 purse for the Open Expert race on Sunday and tons of contingencies for all of the other classes!!

Saturday Race Schedule

7:00 am Rider Registration & Tech Inspection

8:00 am Open Practice (Beg, Nov, Sportsman, Vet/ Expert, 450, 250/ Quads)

10:30 am Riders Meeting

11:00 am Heats (50's & Quads)

12:30 pm Mains (50's & Quads)

2:30 pm Supermoto Team Race (Beg/Nov)

3:45 pm Supermoto Team Race (Int/Exp)

7:30 pm Redbull Supermoto Party at the Stage Bar!!!!!

Sunday Race Schedule

7:00 am Gates Open

7:00 am Rider Registration

8:00 am Tech Inspection

9:00 am Practice

10:30 am Riders Meeting

11:00 am Heats

Lunch Break (Approx. 1:00)

Mains (Apprix. 1:30)

Trophy Presentation

If you sign up for the team races on Saturday, you must include who your partner will be in the "Comments" section at the bottom. Remember that if you are racing with two different bikes, both bikes must have the same number on all 3 plates. If you do not have a partner, but would like to race in the team race, email me with your name and skill level and I will assist you with finding a partner. The team race will be for FUN and track time...and of course, braggin' rights!! Sign up and have FUN!!

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I think I'm in.....any license required? Who do we contact for numbers and finally, what's the cost per race?

There is no license required for this event. Please pre-register at Stateline Supermoto Pre-Entry. If there is a duplication of numbers, the first person to register will be allotted their number. After that, we will need to choose other numbers or add letters to the numbers if you are in the same class.

If you pre-enter the prices are:

$60 for the first class

$30 for each additional class

If you post enter (sign up at the races), the fee will be increased by $5 per class.

Hope to see you there! :)

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Is the practice on Saturday just for the endurance teams? So if you don't race the endurance, you don't ride until Sunday?

If that's the case, I might have to sign up for the endurance race too! :)

Thanks, should be great!


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