pipe suggestion on 01 yz426

i do alot of desert riding i have a clake 4.0 gallon gas tank what kinda exhaust do you recommend i dont want the head pipe just the exhaust im leaning towards a pro circuit t-4 what do you think ????????

White Bros, E series-Pro-meg :):)

I have been very happy with the T-4 system (stepped head pipe, mid pipe, and muffler) I had the chance to try the T-4 and the FMF power bomb. I felt the T-4 made my bike "bark" more out of corners. Good luck :)

Stick with the stock exhaust but use the GYT-R insert.........Then go spend your money on a powerbomb header. Worth the money :)

I have ridden a stock 426 and a 426 fith a powerbomb header and FMF powercore 4 exhaust............................big diff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i bough it for my 400...wheelies!!

That power bomb header makes a nice difference with any muffler. used on the '02 and '04 450 and will use it again unless they come out with that new one they have been testing. :)

The T-4 and Ti-4 are very expensive, I would go Dr. D



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