DOT approved tires for BRP

Since I am street legalizing my pig this spring, I need to slap on some DOT approved tires. I will be riding 98% of the time off road.

What tires do you guys like for off road riding that are DOT approved?



I think basically any Pirelli front tire is DOT approved. Go for a Mt-18HD or a Scorpion MT-83. The rear, I don't know of any "great" ones. However, lots of people like the Kenda Trakmaster II's. Good bite and they are DOT approved.

The Pirelli MT-21 is hard to beat. I'm going to try the Terraflex when the time comes for a new one.

The Pirelli MT-21 .

i agree:thumbsup:

I have always been happy with MT-21's. They work as well off road as any other knobby I have tried and aren't too wild on asphalt.

I'm running a Michelin Baja 140-80x18 rear and a D606 or MT-18 on my two front rims.

Nothing's more aggressive than the terraflex, on rockier and more hardpacked terrain the larger MT21 is a better choice. The 130 sereies MT21 is much more aggressive than the 120 series, and a lot bigger.


D-606 rear & MT-18 front. Both ride fine on the street but work really well off-road and have super stiff sidewalls that you can almost run flat. They're just a pain in the a$$ to change out if you do get a flat.

I have great luck with the Kenda Trackmaster 2's. They are priced very reasonable too.

I have great luck with the Kenda Trackmaster 2's. They are priced very reasonable too.

Me too. I thought the MT21 weren't nearly as good as the Kendas. And cost 50% more. (than the K760 trackmaster II) the MT21 knobs are too close together causing them to load up w/ mud too fast, IMO. Of course this is in east coast terrain.. maybe out west it's a different story.

Thanks for the help. I will look into the tires mentioned and go from there. I appreciate it, :)


A few years ago, ran the Baja 1000 on one set of D 606's with HD tubes and slime. Held up great on a open bike. No chunking street or trail.

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