Clear Creek Closure

The BLM just announced a three day closure from 9AM today until 9AM Saturday. Almost 1.5 inches of rain fell yesterday.

Status of the Quicksilver will depend on what happens on Friday, rain wise.

If I have web access, I will attempt to post the event status daily on the Rambler's home page:

As of right now, the enduro is a GO! :)

Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

I called Brian at BLM and he gave me the run down. Many folks at the BLM (including the head office) want to see the event go on since there has been so much work put into it from the club and BLM. But... he mentioned they have some stringent guidelines when it comes to closing CC. He said the phone hotline will be updated daily and a lot depends upon the weather. Anyone have a crystal ball?

Am I up for a 1000 mile drive to sit in the motorhome watching it rain and then drive back?

Mrudy, I can understand your deliema, Its a long ass haul just to find out CC is not going to be open.

I don't know what hangs in the balance for you but every weather forcast around here says continued rain until Sunday in the San Jose Area and if its usually raining there its usaually raining in CC

In the past the BLM was pretty lenient but with a lawsuit hanging over their heads by the center for Bio Diversity and Native Plant Society for mismanagement, I suspect they will follow the stupid rules they put in place a few years ago. I am sorry that the club can't give you a better answer. We have to run a national if at all possible so I will be working with them on Friday when it is suppose to rain hard again to see if we can conduct the event.

Ed Tobin

Thanks ET. I am an active member with a club here in Washington and we put on an enduro, poker run and hare scrambles. We've had problems with land managers and private land owners, too. I can relate to dilemmas, headaches and pains in the rear.

Let's hope the weather man is wrong on this one and the BLM allows the event to run as planned. My fingers are crossed.

We'll keep checking the hotline while we're driving down.


Quicksilver is still a GO as of 2/17 at 5PM

Good luck guys - I sure hope you can run the race!! :)

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