First ride going from YZ250F to RM-Z450

Fantastic!!! :)

I'm 6'1", 215lb without gear, 45. Got the YZ250f in 2003 to get back into racing. It was great for the first years till I got better, then it just didn't have the extra punch I was looking for( see my weight). I could finish in the top 8 on a regular basis with the 250F in a class that has 95% 450 in it. I know that less power from the 250F is really not the reason for not finishing better, but it defenitly aids in convincing the wife I could do better if I had a more powerful bike.

Bike is stock out of the crate with no tweaking or setting changes yet.

Things I liked. :)

1. Power: power band is strong, smooth and longer than the 250F. No noticable hit just keeps pulling from low to top.

2. Handling: Very stable at speed, jumps neutral.

3. Cornering: corners inside much better than the 250F. Corners outside better and doesn't have the top heavy want to stand up feeleing the 250F did. Seemed to corner better if I sat back on the seat instead of closer to the tank. I found myself blowing through corners and overjumping jumps. The bike is going faster than it feels.

4. Ergonomics: Feel light when riding. I feel much more comfortable on the RMZ. Not as cramped as on the 250F. I sat on the CRF too and it was almost as comfortable but just not quite there.

5. Brakes: Excellent

6. Engine Braking: About half of what the 250F had.

7. Suspension: As good or better than the 250F without being broken in or without sag set or changing any settings. Didn't bottom when overjumped the jumps. Once dialed in I should be very happy.

8. The four speed took a little getting used to, but by the end of the day I liked it more and more.

Things I didn't like:

1. The fact that I'm way out of shape.

2. Fuel Petcock Stock: I like it now, I broke it off and remounted under frame where seat and tank meet. I'll try and post some pictures.

3. Hot start button: Crashed once, bike held up ok. Most all times its been started it fires on the first or second kick. Had to use the Hot Start after the crash. Not too bad but would be nicer on the bar.

Akward grap spot to put on stand. You have to grab the rear fender to lift it. It akward and the grab area is too high up to get good leverage.

4. Chain: IMO Streched excessive for a first ride.

5. Haven't played with the clickers yet but the bar looks like it might be in the way of the clickers for the front. I'd hate to have to move the bars everytime I adjusted the clickers.

6. getting the air filter boot back on the carb. Its eaiser if you remove it from the subframe first.

Hope this help those still deciding. Get whatever you feel most comfortable on. I would definitly recomend the RMZ be at the top of your list. I'm happy I got it.

glad you like your new zook. i had to replace the stock chain after two rides also. how exactly did you mount your fuel petcock?? i know you said you would post pics but im curious were you put it??

I put it under the frame above the rear cam right past where the samall frame that it was originally mounted on connects to the main frame. Once I figure out how to post a picture I will. PM me and I'll email the pictures to you or let me know where to find info on how to post the pictures and I will.

Hope this works.

Man ZITZITRacer your post hit home. I am about your same size and weight and presently own a '04 YZ250F that has been worked. I love that bike, but i am thinking of getting a new 450. I had an 04 CRF and now I am trying to decide between giving the RMZ a try or staying RED. You say you sat on a CRF, did you happen to ride it. I never really felt that comfy on my CRF's even after putting on low pegs/high seat/bars. I always felt like it was hard to go from sitting to standing. How does the RMZ compare?

The Rm-z is practically just a honda with different color plastics lol...........Looks just like it, frame and all :)

zitzitracer...I am making the same bike change that you did for the exact same reasons. It's good to read that you are happy with the move. :)

In reference to the compression adjusters being difficult to get to...have you considered the Ride Engineering Bolt on Compression Adjusters? I am considering them but have only read the product review.

Has anyone on this board used the Ride Engineering Compression Adjusters? If so, please provide some feedback on your experience. Thanks.

I put some pictures on the thread above of the petcock mod.

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