DRZE Indicator & Speedo


Having just returned from the sunny island of Cyprus with my rather dusty DR I have now the task of fixing indicators and a speedo to the thing before I can get it on the road.

Can I pick your brains and ask which kits are going to do the job and are they relatively easy to fit as I'm no magician with the spanners!!! I see the store has some but I just don't want to buy the wrong thing. also any idea of price.

Many thanks in advance!


You don't actually need indicators on your DRZ. Any bike which does not have pillion footpegs is considered to be predominantly for offroad use and doesn't need them. If you want to fit them though it isn't too hard. You will need to start with a switch for the lefthand bar and work from there.

As for the sppedo there are a number of options. If your speedo drive for the stock odometer is still working you could put on one of the small analogue speedos which cost around £20. These don't have a trip but have the advantage of an odometer which can't be reset, which is a big plus come sale time, and can be connected to the electrics to light up at night. It is worth checking the condition of the white plastic worm gear in the speedo drive as these aren't available as a seperate part and the sppedo drive will cost over £50 to replace with a new one.

If you need a trip reading or your speedo drive is knackered you could put on either a cycle speedo, which is cheep but you will have to lengthen the wire to the sensor, or shell out for a panoram (£55). Neither of these will light up at night.

If you need any help with anything get in touch and I will try to help.


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