Cheap big footpegs

Some guy is selling really nice adult footpegs for only $38 buy it now on ebay. If I didn't already spend twice the amount on mine, I would get them.

click here

I picked up a pair for a DRZ110 a few months back. Solid, decent pegs. (Not a great paint job, though.)


my mo just bought thoes same ones like 2 da y ago ill tell u how they are

The paint job is cheap. Since I bought mine, I believe he has added another piece to make it stronger in the last few weeks.


yeah it says revised or reworked ofr something

i got them they fit good but the paint flakes off o-well ill just have em powdercoated of something verry nice tread on them too

Anyone know if these things rust and look nasty after a little bit of use. I'm tempted to jump on these, but if they're steel and painted, they're going to rust. For those that bought these, give me your feedback.

No big, nasty rusting (yet), just some discoloration where there is no paint. The initial paint flaking has stopped and the rest of the paint seems to be staying put. If I wasn't soo busy (lazy), a quick clean, prep, and spray would have these pegs looking good for a long time.


I had a pair and they never rusted.

Here's a newer link with better picture's. Click Here!

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