Ignition vs. Exhaust System - Performance?

I'm on the fence, Ignition vs. Exhaust...

Exhaust I'm leaning toward a CHM, not sure if I'll go with the P4R or the SM1, seems like the SM1 is the way to go b/c others here claim no loss in bottom to the stock system and excellent power mid to top with great transition.

Otherwise, I'm considering a JD Ignition fro Pro Circuit.

My question is, which is better for performance, Ignition or Exhaust System? My buddy has a PC T4 slip on and it made some difference in bottom end but mostly just made some noise...

I ride tight tracks and wide open tracks both, sandy and hardpack so what do you think?

I'm surprised more people DO NOT have ignitions, that seems like a great way to add power!!

Ignitions help alot but the R&D required is alot of work. Mass produce a pipe is easy. The Ignition curves are subject to alot of variables, Compression, fuel, Pipe, Silencer, etc. It is like the last peice you should change to match up or fine tune your setup.

If I got one I would get the PC link to work up some curves myself.

The pipe is a better bang for the buck and is a lot less likely to blow up your motor by altering the rev ceiling :)

I got to agree I think a good pipe is a better investment especially from a time tuning vs. riding standpoint...

Too bad you are not close by, I offer test rides on the SM1 :) It's a very nice pipe....

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