sik107 latest reviews? looking for updates!

Those of you who have them, PLEASE give us a recent update since you've been riding them awhile. PLEASE...looking to buy :)

Hello MXdad

I put on a new chain and roller...

Threw away the Bridgestone tire that I had problems with.... switched to a 12X2.5 Michelin star cross

Raised the forks up 1.5" in the clamps....

Tightened the cam chain tensioner bolt (where the oil was leaking).

Tightened spokes....

The bike is running GREAT. Lots of power. Starts good. Tranny is shifting good. We've probably got 5-6 hours of riding on the bike and NO COMPLAINTS or REGRETS.

My two sons and myself spent a couple of hours riding it today! :)

I also put on the Makita Suzuki graphics team kit... it looks great. People don't know what to think of this bike. Everybody that sees it asks questions about it. Nobody believes me when I tell them I paid $1500 for it!

I have three hours on mine. No problems. It shifts good. It starts easy. I don't know about the power because its the first mini I've ridden so I have nothing to compare it with. The handlebars don't fit in the clamps very well. I think the radius on the clamps is too small. I also lowered the forks in the clamps about 1.5in. My friend has one too. He also has had no problems. We did find some loose bolts so check everything good before and after you ride. We got our bikes from Delivered to my door from Florida to Washington state in 5 days. Over all I'm happy with my Sikk107 so far. I'll let you know if anythig happens to it.

How is the jetting?

I rode one last week and it had zero hours on it but had a little stumble off idle.

Probably wasn't warmed up yet, It was started for the first time and then I rode it.

I bought one but am waiting for delivery. Mine will be used for supermoto, probably change the carb to a 20 or 24mm anyway.

Thinking of one of these myself. Got to sell my 03' XR stocker first. No more room in the garage.

Thinking of one of these myself. Got to sell my 03' XR stocker first. No more room in the garage.

They look better in person, looks like a $4000 mini from 10ft away :)

Jetting is decent.

The bike burbles for a few minutes until warmed up thoroughly. After a good warm up it runs quite well of idle. I didn't even touch the clip. I did adjust the idle and the air mixture.

If you're going to motard the bike....

You will CERTAINLY need to regear the rear. In its stock form, the 1st gear will go about 10 ft before it's screaming. 4th gear runs out of steam early... top speed isn't too impressive.

I'd recommend dropping about 2 teeth off the rear and it should really haul the mail.

Another thing you may want to think about would be a cylinder head breather tube. That should let the engine rev more freely. In its stock form you feel the engine kind of flutter at max rpm.

The bike comes (I think ) with an 18mm carb. I've been told that the 107 would see some good power gains with a 2 mm larger carb. I may give that a try.

Birddog... couldn't agree more. You should see this thing with the full Suzuki team graphics kit!

It Rocks.

post a pic with the suzuki team graphics, I wanna see it.

Were is the up dates

Plz post pic! I might buy a sikk107, and i might get those graphics so i wana know how it looks.




I am also looking at these. They appear to be pretty good for the $. I found several dealers to purchase and have shipped, but I like to see in person. Any dealers in St. Louis area?

What about parts?

Does Sikk have a main (corporate) website?

lol nvm...I bought the last one.... :naughty::D:D:naughty::D

I don't see free shipping at rabbitscooters, says $159.

What does Sikktoys charge for shipping to Missouri? I went through the purchase process, and with some sites you get a shipping estimate. Not so at Sikktoys, just said total $1399, shipping UPS ground - TBA.


I bought mine at Rotten,inc. Atom has given great customer service.You can reach him at He has the 107's and 125's.

well...My opinion is Rotten has good service but LONG shipping...The place im getting from should be taking only 5 days from cali

The shipping company is the delay,not Rotten. The company he uses would take the same amount of time, If not sooner.He can not control how long shippers take.I would order from him again,without any hesitation.

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