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I told a few of you that I would post some info. on Factory Connection. Here you go. Glad I opted for this first rather than the exhaust.


Factory Connection:

Fork Revalve: 170.00

Fork Fluids: 15.00

Pressure Spring Set (Showa 47mm, 1.61kg): 34.95

Shock Revalve: 170.00

Shock Fluids: 15.00

Shock Oil Seal: 24.95

FC Updated High Speed Comp. Adj. Spring: 14.95

Insurance: 8.00

Shipping: 14.75 (Nice break they get)

Total: $493.10

I feel that I will enjoy the benefits of this mod more than I would an expensive exhaust.

I spoke with Ozzy and Sharon and they agree. Thanks. Mike


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Nice pic man. So how does it feel, I'm debating whether to send it to factory connection or to bring it somewhere local. I just called them and theyr quoted me $750 for a shock and fork revavlve. When I asked him if he would do my fork seals as well (because they are leaking AGAIN) he said that was included.

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Ozzy and Sharon are made of wax in that pic. My wife and I visited NYC for Valentines Day ans visited the wax museum there. 750 sounds steep.

Steve told me it would be around 450 and it was close coming in under 5 bills. I weigh 180 and they did not use stiffer springs. Just a new pressure spring set. I guess you have to use stiffer fork springs and that is jacking the price up? I still have to put the bike back together.

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