Will CRF450 POWER NOW fit CRF250???

I am planning on picking my 05 CRf250 up this coming Saturday. I wanted to know if the Power Now in my 450 will fit in the 250f???

I'm afraid not. The 450 uses a 40mm carb, and the 250 uses a 37mm carb.

I was not sure if the back of the carbs was the same or not. Is the mm of carb body same size from the front portion to the back? I always thought the body size was measured at the front of the carb but not sure... Anyway thank you!!!

It's measured at the most narrow point of the carb which is where the slide is. I've got both carbs out of both my bikes right now. I got in there with a set of calipers and took a few quick measurements. The intake opening of the 450 carb is 43mm and tapers to 40mm, the outtake starts at 40mm and opens up to 41mm at the opening. The 250 carb intake also starts at 43mm but tapers to 37mm, the outtake is 37mm and opens to 39mm. Both intakes are about 33.5mm deep, and the outtakes are 30mm deep. Hope that helps.


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