Are you 6'5" or taller and ride this bike?

I have a friend who just sold his KLR650 pseudomotard.

He likes the DRZ (actually,the new SM),

but he thinks he will be too big for it.

Before our other friend convinces him to use that cash towards a harley,

I must ask for feedback from someone who is 6'5" (or taller).

I suggested to him that *theoretically* he could get bar risers,

taller-bend bars, taller seat foam, and maybe even lower footpegs.

But this is all based on my suggestion, not experience.

What is your EXPERIENCE ?

Please, guys, I don't want to lose him to the cruiser guys just yet!

He must remain in the 'performance category' of riders at all costs.

Thanks :)

My buddy is 6'4" and rides a DRZS. It fits him fine. He's just tall enough to sit flat footed on it. He definitely has no complants. But the SM is lower than the S. I guess he'll have to sit on it to know for sure.

Too big for the DRZ, but he would consider a Harley? :)

The DRZ's seat height is nearly 10" taller than a Harley's. Add a stiffer rear spring to that DRZ SM (which is still pretty tall) and man handle the thing! I have a good friend who is 6'3" 220#'s and he rides my DRZ all the time and loves it. He also rides TTR 125's and XR 100's when we parking lot race. No excuses, no complaints.


but he would consider a Harley?

i guess the highway pegs have some appeal to them!

but seriousy, folks...

i did a search on the subject and it seems that

a couple of >6'5" guys like the BigDR/taller bar setup.

i'll print some of those responses and show him.

i guess if he wants to stop performance riding for the cruiser genre,

then that's what he'll end up doing not matter what

it seems that a 6** sized bike (for ex. the 2005 625 SMC)

would be better for a bigger guy, but he wants to avoid the

unexpected hot-oil-spraying-on-your-leg characteristics of a

self-destructing KTM or Husky

:) j/k

can't wait for the day the big four create hardcore big bore motards!

it seems that a 6** sized bike (for ex. the 2005 625 SMC)

would be better for a bigger guy, but he wants to avoid the

unexpected hot-oil-spraying-on-your-leg characteristics of a

self-destructing KTM or Husky

:) j/k

can't wait for the day the big four create hardcore big bore motards!

I wouldn't let reliability stop me from buying a KTM 625 SMC. That bike is proven to be reliable and IMO nearly bullet proof. Do a little reasearch on those bikes. :)


I'm "only" 6'2", but I rode my brothers DRZS, set up for dirt.

It fit me pretty well, very nice bike. I could see owning a drz. He is also 6' 2" and put risers on and loves the ergos. The riser's on the DRZS made a big difference according to my brother.

It seems to me, no direct experience here, that taller foam and higher bars would make a big difference. The DRZ did not feel too small for me at 6'2", even without the risers.

I think my XR650r has a bit larger ergo's, but not as much as you might expect. Maybe he should check out an XR650r or other non Suzuki. Plus if he is 6'5, he might be a heavier guy and appreciate the extra torque. BTW, the lack of an electric starter is no big deal.

I'm not sure if this helps.



I am 6'-5" and about 240#'s. I have an off road E model and love it. I have the BigDR risers and cr hi bars and feel they work great. I also have it resprung for my weight. I am considering a taller seat to make the transition from sitting to standing a little easier. Hope this helps. :)

I'm 6'6" and added the BigDR risers and taller bars. May have a tall seat installed, but haven't yet. Also may have the suspension done to handle my 235lbs better, but overall, I think the bike fits well.

If looking for a more street oriented bike, look at the V-Stroms. I have a 1000, and it is great for taller riders.

I'm nearly 6'4" and 120kg, I'm pretty comfy on my DRZ

thanks for the feedback guys! :)

i have printed the replies and will give the info to him

keep on rippin' :)

friends don't let friends buy harleys! :)

For about $200.00 you can get a complete taller seat and a pair of high bend Renthal bars for your DRRRZZZZ.

I was but after 5 back surgeries I'm not 6'5" anymore. I'm about 6'3.5". Darn doctors are whittling me down to size I'll tell you that. I have super tall bars I had a friend order for me that aren't even for a dirtbike. They fit me great though. Strange how Eddie's bars for his SM I bought are much shorter but just fine for the road but I'd hate them for the dirt. Guess they really are a whole different world. prairiedawg :)

He'll want to make the HD fit him also with extended pegs. No big deal. It's not a dirt bike. If he's bent on a harley, tell him to get a big twin, and not a sportster. I am 6'2", and am going to change out the risers and bars on my DRZ. I'm thinking about an aftermarket upper triple clamp, pro taper fat bars, and a stabilizer.

If he is sticking to the street then no real modification should be needed. If he is planning on off-roading or jumping/riding whoops/ standing for extended periods then he will want to tailor the bike to his size. I am 6'5" and needed to play with my bars. here is a page I put together showing the differences.

web page here

ATV bars have higher bends than MC but generally have more pull-back. Another good option is "playbike" bars but they are generally narrower.

Good luck!

I'm 6' 4.25" and with Long Legs, I have taller bars on my DRZ and they still need to be higher in order to ride standing up, bar risers before Spring for sure. I have a tall Moose seat and scraped it, as it's too narrow and hard. but found it a good mix for sit down riding with the taller bars. I also have a KLR650 I'm getting ready to sell this spring. The DRZ is a much better fit compaired to the KLR, but the seat is the weak point in the setup. Plenty of seat height and not so bad after broken in. The KLR is more of a crusier than a dirt bike, a all day rider. The DRZ will wear ya out sooner, but alot more fun on dirt roads and nasty trails where the KLR won't work. Apples to Oranges. Tell him he will get leg cramps on the Harley.

" If ya aint sliding, ya aint ridding". :)

hey, thanks for the continued input guys :)

yo rich- AWESOME page/pics

awesome :)

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