Clutch Spring Questions

Could someone answer these questions:

1. original lenght of the clutch springs ( in / mm )

2. service limit ( in / mm ) it says in the manual 1.76 in / 43.7 mm, mine are 36mm!!

3. do the crf 450 springs fit into the 250?

I aske because my steel plates are heavy discolored ( blue means very hot ) and my clutsch slipps.

Thanks for any answer

1. I don't know...but they are too weak/light and sack out easily.

2. See's not unsual.

3.Yes,,,along with the 250 2 stroke springs...and there are plenty of aftermarket springs.....all are better quality,won't sack out and provide better pressure on the plates. You can spend anywhere from $8(stock and Moose) to $60(ProCircuit).

My X clutch slipped on it's first ride. I replaced the springs with EBC springs and haven't had a problem since.I had them out recently and they were still at the same length after about 500 miles. I wish I could say that about my valves.

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