'05 suspension for Woods

Has anyone ridden the new '05 WR 450 in tight woods, with a lot of small sqaure edge bumps. I have a '01 yz 250 with a lot of woods mods and I absolutely hate the forks over square edged bumpy terrain. I am moving to a 450 four stroke this year and was wondering how the WR's '05 suspension is. If anyone else can speak to the suspension as it relates to a KTM 450 exc I would appreciate. - Thanks!!!

The only thing that I can compare it to is a 01 YZ250F. I always hated square edge bumps, rocks, roots on that bike. The 05 WR is way better. A lot softer in the middle of the stroke. :) Now working on front end stability at higher speeds.

I'm also interested in the comparison of the '05 Wr 450 to the KTM 450E. I ride tight single track in Illinois and would like to have the reliability of the Yamaha and the lack of having to check valves every 15 hours on the KTM. So how about it, how do they compare and does anyone ride tight single track on a WR?

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