Shock service?

Thinking about servicing my shock on my own. How hard is it? Any pointers? I just want to change fluids. Should I go with some suspension fluid or will Mobil 1 ATF work in the shock as well? :)

You don't want to use ATF in the shock. The fork you can get away with it because your only using it in the OUTER chamber which is for lubrication and bottoming control. As for shocks, I always have Willy do it. He's a friend of Joeys and does it fast and reasonable. I just never wanted to tackle a shock. I do my own forks though. If you want his # I can get it for you. Good luck.

I wanted to avoid sending it out. It doesn't look too hard from the manual, but I just don't want to get stuck somewhere. How fast could Willy do it and how much would he charge?

His # is 677-1414. Tell him your Joey's friend. He's usually very fast. About a day turnaround if theres no parts needed.

Remember, if you did it yourself you would still need to recharge it with nitrogen.

If you have access to nitrogen to recharge the shock, a fluid change is very easy - just follow the service manual. A bunch of friends of mine and I went in on a small nitorgen bottle/regulator etc. and we do our own shock fluid changes.

I think changing the oil in the shock is much easier than the fork. Just like the front cartridge, make sure you bleed it correctly. The only thing that sux about it is having to go get the nitrogen filled up. My bike shop guy does it for $5.

SO. . . I ended up doing it myself. Very much easier than a pair of forks. ONLY THING. . . when bleeding it, first attempt, SPLAT! All over my chest! Manual says bleed slowly, but my piston only has one speed, stuck, or full bore! Second attempt, went more slowly, pulled the rod back out, pushed it back in, slight grabbing, SPLAT!! One whole reservoir full of fork oil in my face! :) So, I wasted a $6 bottle of friggin' Honda oil and my shock needs to be re-bled. I'm gonna have to buy TWO bottles tomorrow!!! :)


Total respect for trying it. I want to do mine but need to replace the seal. What do you think, any problem doing the seal as well as the oil?

No problem. You can probably order the seals from Enzo, or somewhere. The manual says to just cut off the old seal and slip the new one on with new o-rings. Just make sure you cover the surface before sliding on the new seals, just as you would the forks. Honestly, the hardest part I had was unscrewing the shock spring and then bleeding the darn thing. :)

Tim, that is cool that you tackled it yourself. What are you plans for getting it charged with nitrogen? Do you know someone, or do you have the equipment to do it your self? Also, which Honda oil did you get at $6 a bottle?

Being that we only have one shop here, I got a regular Honda 5w fork oil bottle for $6! I'll probably have them charge it as well. Wouldn't be surprised at what they'll charge me. . . :)

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