chocolate gearbox

hi guys remember a couple of months ago i posted a little warning about the petcock, well heres another warning,take care of your gearboxs because t :) hey are made of choclate????????

what you talking about?

ok :)

wanna elaborate?yours failed?what was the failure?what oil?change interval?hours on bike?type of riding?

man that sucks you are having probs but what are they??

Hmmm it's not April 1st yet???

mmmmmmm chocolate :)

whats the problem???

months ago?? how long have you had it?

troll maybe??? :)

probably BS , he never came back with response , i abuse the crap out of mine , ride it on the track 4 days a week & never had a moments problem yet.

i have had the bike since dec 24th, two reasonably careful outings to break her in, oil and filter change and major check over,third time out started to ride harder noticed it was nearly impossible to get neutrel when the bike was running.forth time out gearbox was really sticky,something was ,to wrong to late,major failure,and this is not the only bike that has failed here,i was not avoiding your replys,simply waiting to see what my dealer was going to do. ps theres no trolls here ,only leprehauns.

and whats the major failure? :)

sorry burned, didnt wait to find out,with so much hassle trying to get dealer to make good, and a long wait for spare parts, was offered a new honda in exchange, end of suzuki story,i do know that there has been other failures,and that the factory teams here last year had major gearbox problems.

LOL u are so full of chit it stinks... Your just another honda freak bashing the zook... I have a crf and rmz and both are great bikes.. Lets see some pictures of this gear box (and the bike) you did take some right bro?

Hey if it is the case and your zook blew, remember how many hondas,ktms,yzf have blown.. When I used to go on the crf board and see all the issues with valves, and motors grenading I was scared but you know what, maybe you had a lemon ..They come in all colors my friend. And I dont know about anyone else but my bike is always very hard to get into nuetral.. I just shut it off in gear and then click nuetral.. Since day one my bike has been hard to get into nuetral...


Sounds like your clutch isn't completely disengaging. Let us know what the shop says.

Ride on


Yes, Neutral has been hard to find since day one for me too. I'm getting a better feel for it after several rides, but its such a light tap between 1st and 2nd its hard to hit. Wouldn't you know it though, I hit Neutral while riding one time? Makes you sound like an idiot out there on a thumper. :):)

This guys full of it. No dealership is going to offer a new bike of a different brand to someone who is having warranty issues. You know suzuki isnt going to pay the difference of getting a blown up bike on a trade for a new honda and no dealership is dumb enough to pay the difference either. It just doesnt work that way. :) Prove me wrong by giving you me your bike VIN# so I can pull up any notes from the factory and dealer on the bike to see what issues really exist with it. Everything thats discussed between the dealer and suzuki is inputed on suzuki's system- U.S. or not. The problems you described sound like a clutch thats dragging. The RMZ i rode yesterday was very tough to get into neutral while running- which I like. I took neutral out of my RM 250 so the bike has to be off to find it.

yes,do post the vin.i will call my TSM in am about it.

listen guys i am simply passing on what i thought would be some useful info,but it seems the truth is not what you want to hear.first of all,i dont actually like hondas,[ktms for the past 6yrs] thought i would try the new zook, secondly i had to pay extra to get the honda,sort of like trading in the zook for the honda, and they would take care of the warranty prob,thirdly we all know which country that chit talkers origanate from,[hoss i am not your friend].at the present moment i will not be posting my vin nos, but at a later date i will. on second thoughts if this is the kind of response i get for posting useful info i dont think i will be using this forum again,nor will i recomend it to anyone else.

:) ocmon muggie I thought we were bro's hehe

its not useful info.

actually its not info at all.just specualtion as you dont know what happened.

the clutch hub nut could have come loose and thats all............. :)

I was up at Thumper Racing in Marshall, TX after Christmas to pick up a new DRZ470E conversion (split cases, ESP fork & shock mods, etc.) and one of Hazels customers came in and mentioned that he was getting a new RMZ450 in early January. Hazel should have had his hands on the bike by now. May want to call him and get his feed back. Lately I've found dealers shops to be lacking when you have a problem like you described. They are mostly parts assemblers and not trouble shooters.

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