WR426 what's the scoop?

Has anyone recieved and rode their 426 yet? I would love to hear about some first rides and impression of the Big Blue.

I picked mine up on Saturday morning, but not knowing it was coming in till Friday night, I had prior commitments and was unable to ride it (except from the front yard into the garage...). I can't wait to get it out in the woods, but will probably not be able to until next weekend. That will give me some time to grease the un-greased, and let some air out of the tires (28 lbs.!!)

It sure looks good!

First impression w throttle stop still in place. Suspension better than my 99 WR. Feels more balanced and soaks up rough stuff great. 426 engine has better pull power. I could feeel the difference when climbing a long steep rocky curvy hill. Second gear pulled much harder in this situation. Jury still out on top-end power till I remove stop. Great improvement on an already awesome bike.


Thanks for the reply. I planning on doing xtra lube before I run mine as well. I am also going to have to work on getting a lower seat height. 5'8" on a good day with a 30" inseam is going to make things interesting.

Mike, I should get mine this week. I plan on riding over the Christmas holiday and will have a complete report on it. I have seen them at races already and they dont look any different at all. We probably can expect more bottom end and a nice front brake. See Ya, Dan

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