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I recently bought a 01 wr426, cut the screw pulled out the silencer and airbox cover. I am real close to swappin to yz timing but i am also interested in low end. i went down one size in my front sprocket and i really like the change. my question is if go to yz timing will i loose my recently aquired low end? or are there other combinations out there that work?


The general consensus among the posts I have read is that you will lose a small amount of power at the low RPM end, gain significant mid-range power and lose some engine brake effect throughout the range.



Old Guy on WR400F following the KX_kid through the harrowing desert of Idaho at breakneck speed.

I too held off doing the YZ timing thing a long time for the same reasons as you. I was wrong. I did the timing change and cut the grey wire a couple of weeks ago, and love the difference! Did some steep rough trails last week and noticed no significant loss of low end - but a very nice improvement - a crisp snap - from mid range on up. I had more than one situation where I lost speed and had to just power on up the hill (did just a touch of clutch) - it did great. I think it is a great change, making the bikes awesome powerband even more complete.

You might think about the stock 14 tooth counter with a 52 tooth rear. Seemed to be the right change for my riding style (old and slow).

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I too was worried about the low end. Don't worry! the YZ timing hsa plenty of low end.

I noticed no difference in power at the extreme low end, yet after appx 3,000 rpms it's a BIG change. BRAAAAAPPPP!!!! instead of BRRRRRRRRRAAP.

It doesn't crawl at extremely low RPMS's as well (I mean idling with the clutch out), but that's a rare occasion anyway.

I see no negatives for me, I'm primary an eastern trail rider. The YZ timing seems to start easier, too!

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