how much space between exhaust and rear spring

I would like to know from fellow tters what is the space between the exhaust pipe and the rear spring? I just put my 03 crf450 back together and there is about a 1/2" space between the exhaust and the rear spring. is this right? please help all advice is welcome along with any tips

My 04 has about 1/4" clearence, a little more than the space between these hands -> :)

I noticed my '02 exhaust has been rubbing the shock spring. I tried spacing out the silencer with some washers but to no avail. Maybe bent the subframe to the clutch side on mine? Maybe your subframe is bent off a little to the throttle side?

Try looking through your owners or shop manual for a photo that shows that area. You'd be surprised what info. you can find in misc. photos.

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