big gun yz250f

In the latest DIRT BIKE magazine they have a big gun yz250f bike. They claim that Big Gun only did head mods and put an exhaust on it and now they have a 40 horsepower bike with plenty of bottom end. It basically just added 15% to the powerband. Seems a little hard to believe to me, but if its true I would be interested. The other part they claim is that the compression is actually lower than stock.

I was so amazed!!! That is the most awesome mod, especially when it's 6+hp for less than $700. They also had a new pipe, but because it's quiet, it probably only pumps out a little more power than stock. I've been looking at a 262 kit w/ +1.2 compression and am now wondering if I should send my head into Big Gun. Who here thinks that it's worth the power over the 262 kit for twice the money? Reliability with BG would be even better than stock and you can still do more normal mods after that to make it pump out even more power. With the 262, you loose reliability, makes it easier to overheat, and race gas is needed for the +1.2 compression that I'm looking at. Not only that, but with the 262 some smaller organizations won't let you race in the 125 class. That $700 is looking mighty cheap right about now. What are you guys thinking?

If everything is "as told" in the article then it sounds awesome. No loss of reliability, no need to run race gas. Sounds like a great idea.

I can't believe that no one is asking about this. It seems like only the sweetest deal in history. If you think about it, if we were to get this, we would almost be running with the power of 250 2-smokes. Awesome :) !!! I just wonder if they would be willing to come down in $ to $600. I'd probably get it then. Big Gun was loosing the battle of the aftermarket. Now they are back and better than ever.

If it is true, no one without it will make the final at the next SX! We'll see!

It sounds awesome I just wonder if it really puts out 40 horespower or if Big Gun dropped some $$ for the review. It sounds almost to good to be true.

I don't think so. DIRT BIKE is one of the most reliable magazines and kind of seem like the underdog buget wise. They are faithful. But RACER X and TRANSWORLD are a totally different story.

Yeah your right Dirt Rider is also the cheapest to suscribe to I think? I hope someone from this board gets the Big Gun head work done and has it dynoed before and after to see what horespower it really makes. I would like to send them my head just don't have the $$ right now

It's DIRT BIKE, not DIRT RIDER. I subscribe to both and think they are both pretty good, but DIRT BIKE definetly the underdog. I like the more personal feeling of DB because only about three people write their stuff, and I have even gotten to the point where I can tell who writes what. Adam Booth- The low tech smaller write-ups with smaller words. He's the young gun. Ron Lawson- He is the jokster. His writeups are semi-technical and have some sort of story involved. Tom Webb is the high-tech editor with the big fancy words plus a little attitude. I think Ron Lawson wrote it and he never stretches the truth. I'm tempted to get the work done, but I can get a high comp. 262 kit for $300.

OK, now I'm interested too. Just read the article. Sounds good.........course when they talk about 40 hp, they consider 35 hp stock. Still, the kind of gains that they are talking about w/no extra compression/revs/strain on engine...............:) And, if I'm reading it right, the gains they are claiming are ONLY from the head mods, and don't include the pipe?:)

Somebody send your head to them and do an official TT test and let the rest of us know if the claims are true!! :p

Give me $700 and I'll do it for you.

that big gun mod is a scam. no way that a exhaust and head work can amount to that. sorry. worked in this industry for quite some time and with the knowledge and background i have come across over the years. that is just b.s. but believe me i would love to be proven wrong. it sounds awesome :)

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