New Bike for me

Well, my patience paid off for once. I got a call from a friend who's neighbor was looking to sell his DRZ. Met the guy today and bought the bike. It had 6 miles on it, I paid $4500. :)

Soooo....what was the guys problem? Afraid of it or what?

He in his 50's, thought he would try riding again, fell down in the sand and hurt himself. He sold me the bike and is going to take the money and buy a Jeep that is setup for rock crawling.

Snap! The guy fell down within 6 miles owning it and then quit? :) Too bad. Great news for you! :)


As they say, one mans loss is another mans gain.

So what are some upgrades I should look at doing?

Congrats on the new bike :)

Now go back tomorrow and snap up that jeep :)

Upgrades....what model Drz is it?

Welcome to the club :) Sounds like you got a real good deal. Check out the FAQ sticky and for mods. Also search the garage and see what other DRZ owners have done. Hope you got some money left :)

I will never say that can't happen. A guy I worked with for many years in the steelmill saw a man wreck a Honda Goldwing at super slow speed. He watched him try to lift the bemouth for a while then went over and lifted it up for him. The man wa so tired sweaty and plain old fashioned pi$$ed off he told John if he would fininsh paying off the bike it was all his. John checked into it and it was only 3,500 bucks. He took it out of credit union shares right then and there. The guy never tried getting it back either. it's a 6 cylinder 97 I think and John is still one of the luckiest dudes I've ever met. He still has the bike and probably always will. prairiedawg :):)

Sweet, so what year is it

It's a 2005 that was bought brand new by the previous owner in Nov 2004. It's a 400S (street legal).

That's an expensive 6 miles! :)

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