Suspension Help

I bought an 04 wr250. Its brand new and I was wondering if there is a good starting point as far as suspension settings go. I am 170 lbs. and I am a "c" rider and like a slightly soft suspension in the woods. I have already set the sag at 100mm.

Just play with the clickers for now. Maybe go 1-3 clicks stiffer both ends, but if there are lots of rocks where you ride, leave it alone. Stay away from the rebound. Just clickers for now until you get the suspension settled.

Soften the compression a few clicks on both ends, leave the rebound at the factory settings and ride the bike for about 100 miles to break in the suspension. The bike will probably be a little harsh at first as the forks and shock are new and tight. Going down or in the negative direction about 4 clicks will help the suspension use the full travel during the break in period. Once you have broken in the suspension return the clickers to the factory settings and begin to experiment. Good luck.

I never thought of it that way. Makes sense. Oh, the things that you learn on TT. Yeah, do what he said, then do what I said.

Thats what I had hoped to hear. I was thinking the same thing. Thanks. :)

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