HELP me decide... a Klx 250??

Hi guys, I have a couple of questions about a '96 klx 250 that I am looking at. I don't know much about the bike so any positives and negative comments about the bike would be great.

I have an xr 250. How would these bikes compare? My wife like's riding my xr 250, so I was maybe thinking of the klx for her???? Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for any input. :)

I'd suggest looking for a 300 instead of the 250. The 250's were a little harder to start and are pretty gutless compared to the 300. Kawi got it right on the 300. If you get a 300, I'm guessing that you'll let your wife keep the xr. :)

Now your talk'n my language Bill! :) LOL! What year did the 300 come out in?

Any other thoughts on the 250? Is it a good bike? OK power for trail ridin? Any comparisons to the xr? I am looking at one in 'excellent' shape for $3000 Can.

What is the price range for these bikes?

Again, thanks for any comments.

I think the 300 came out in '97.

For reference I bought my all stock 2000 model 300R for $2,100 USD a year ago, good condition.

3000 Canadian sounds a little pricey.

Thanks for the replys guys. :)

Any other comments?

What about any differences between the xr 2.5 and the klx 250? Like I say I have the xr, but I have never rode the klx. What you think?

I paid $2500 for a 2000 KLX 300, with a pumper carb, bark busters, a newly 'refreshed' engine (new valves, piston, rings) and the gold valves in the suspension. It also has had the 'free' power mods done to it.

I was going from a 96 XR250. In comparison, the KLX:

is lighter

liquid cooled

has more power from idle all the way to revved out

has better suspension (note it has gold valves installed, along with stronger springs)

handles better, quicker, more nimble, seems better balanced to me

starts FAR easier.

The XR's advantages:

being air-cooled is simpler,less maintanence is needed, and valve adjustmenst were simpler on it

more comforable seat & seating position

The XRs are known for being rock-solid reliable, only time will tell if my KLX is as good, but Kawasaki has been good to me in the past.

My 98 has 7200 trail miles on it and runs excellent. What do you have on your bikes, Bill?

$3000 for a '96 KLX 250 is real pricey. I wouldn't go any higher than $2200 and that's if it's mint. I paid $2700 Canadian for my '00 KLX 300. It had a few mods and was well maintained. I think the price was fair for me and the seller. You could get a new '04 for less than $6000 Canadian.


My 98 has 7200 trail miles on it and runs excellent. What do you have on your bikes, Bill?

Probably pushing 4500 hard trail miles or so. I'm super happy with the reliability of the KLX. I know several people who have them and every one has been rock solid/

In the Los Angeles area a '96 was just listed on for $1500 and a street legal '94 is currently listed for $2000.

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