Help: connecting rod and crank help

I have my '03 CRF450 at the shop for a top end job, and they have found the small end of my connecting rod is worn. I've seen it myself and there is slight scuffing on the outer rims of the bore, enough to be out of tolerance. I do not want to go through this again, and I looking to eliminate this issue in the future.

So I have to buy a crank rod assembly, and I need some experience here:

1.) Does anyone know if any of the newer model cranks ('04 or '05) have bushings or needle bearings on the top end? If so, will they fit my '03?

2.) A new crank and rod assembly is between $200-$250, depending on who I buy it from. My shop and Service Honda say that the cranks are backordered. Anybody know of any in stock somewhere?

3.) How quick is the turnaround time at Falicon, and what is the average cost for the Carillo rod retrofit?

4.) Slightly off-topic, but does anyone sell SS intakes and valve springs only?

Thanks in advance

I think the small end of my C.R. is worn out too. I've got an '06 and it doesn't have a needle bearing either. I see your post is old, so what did you end up doing? Did you find out about falicon? Did you replace the crank yourself? It's a bummer for me because I just got this bike and it has low hours but the wrist pin wiggles a bit and like you are saying the edges of the crank are shiny and the center is kinda brownish orange, along with the rest of the top 1 inch of the rod. I thought it had gotten hot, but I've heard that these rods come discolored like this?:lol:

As for the SS kit, if your still looking, Ive been thinking of getting a faction kit for around $150.

Hot rods connecting rods have the bushings in them all ready. Have your shop send the crank to Crank Works in Tempe, AZ. They do top notch work, the also now have their own connecting rods to that have a bushing for the wrist pin also. Have them balance the crankshaft for the piston your going to use also.

the brownish color is the hard coat that Honda puts on

What about the wiggle in the wrist pin. Has anyone else had this on a crank with 40-50 hrs. The piston and cylinder look like new, but the wrist pin wiggles juuuuuuuuuuuust a little. I know it will run, it was a beast before I took it apart. It does need new intake valves already, but the motor has low hours on it. I actually measured the bore and pin diameter and the bore does look to be between .0005" and .001" over the limit. I just hate to replace the crank (connecting rod) with low hours bc I've been reading where ppl have 200 hours on their stock piston. Any experience with this anybody?

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