1984 honda 50

hello, i am new to this form. i also belong to the atv connection. this is the deal, i have a 1984 mr 50 that sat for many of years. when i got it, the bike never ran, and it to then sat in my backyard for many of years, i guess 10 years. one time i tried to get it running but i had no luck. i brought the coil to be bench tested, and it passed. so my question is what should i do and how do i get this bike running??? it's for my nephew when he gets older so time is to problem..

Welp, what are the symptoms?

Can you kick it over?

Do you have gas at the cylnder? (wet plug)

Do you have spark?

That'll determine where to look next. I'm assuming you've done the basics, like put a charge on the battery if it has one, and given it an oil / filter change.

i also belong to the atv connection. ..

What is the ATV connection? I would like to check out some ATV forums as we have just acquired one for my daughter. Information is a good thing.


0. Drain gas tank and fill with fresh gas

1. Change oil

2. Clean & oil air filter

3. Change spark plug

4. Clean carb (really good)

5. Check for spark

6. Check for compression

7. Check exhaust for obstructions inside (i.e spider webs, bugs, crud)

According to the Honda Motorcycle Identification Guide, the MR50 Elsinore is a 49cc 2-stroke single with a 3-speed and a manual clutch. It was only manufactured in 1974 and 1975. The '74 had Daytona Orange Paint, and the '75 had a Custom Silver Metallic/Tahitian Red Paint.

Model Year: 1974

Frame: MR50-1000001

Engine: MR50E-1000001

Model Year: 1975

Frame: MR50-2000001

Engine: MR50E-2000001

I have a '79 XR80 that sat for 8 or so years. I couldn't get the thing running to save my life. I thoroughly blasted the carb clean (jets, needles, etc too!) and the little turd now runs like a top!

My 2c,


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