Did i pay to much?

I just bought an auto de-comp. cam for my sons 01 wr 250,it cost me 200.00. Seemed a little steep. :)

YEP :)

I payed $58 for a used 2005, including shipping :) Hasn't gotten here yet :)

I think this is more of a philisophical question. Sure, the YZF cam from your local dealer is around $120. The Hot Cams cam is $160. And you paid $200.

However... if you decided that it was worth $200 to have the auto decompression on your '01, then No, you didn't pay too much.

If the question is, could you have gotten it for less? then the answer is Yes.

Just trying to help...


'05 YZF

'04 RMZ

It was purchased at a local yamaha dealer,impulse-spur of the moment kind of thing.

It sounds to me like that dealership doesn't care for repeat business, or word of mouth!

I'd never buy anything more from a dealership who did that to me! (if it's a standard Yamaha cam). That's a $120 part. In fact, I'd make sure everyone I know wouldn't go there either.


Take it back and get one from somewhere else

There is one on eBay right now for $140 and I think it's the HotCams one. It'll be on for a few more days, so don't hurry. I just thought it would be a good deal for all of you 01-02 owners. Happy Bidding. Just don't get addicted to eBay, I almost did.

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