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My back-up ride !!

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I hate not riding every weekend, so I wanted to have a second bike in case something happened to my CRF. Tore it down to the frame and started replacing all the parts that were neglected by the previous owner . I was thinking about powder coating the frame, but I considered the fact that this is my back-up bike, and I beat the hell out of it riding enduros; I just couldn't justify it.

I got a smokin' deal on the KX at $1,800 . . . or at least is seemed. On the outside it looked good, and I figured I'd have to replace the plastic and other small items. Once I got it torn down and seen the bike from the inside out, the reality set it . . . OMG the previous owner was a maintenance squid/spode. Here is a list of what I replaced on this bike thus far:

Rear Brake rotor and pads (original was dished soo bad I could have eaten a bowl of cereal out of it.)

New swing-arm (under the chain slider I found the end of the swing-arm was bent so bad it creased the bearing housing, found a used swing-arm from an 02)

New linkage bearings (previous ones never saw a day of grease in their lives. Would have had to replace swing-arm bearings too, if it wasn't for the replacement swing-arm having good bearings.)

Rebuilt rear master-cylinder

New D.I.D. X-Ring chain

New SS rear sprocket

New counter-shaft sprocket

New air box (all the brass inserts for the mud flat and side panels were spinning inside the plastic. Found a used air-box from an 02)

New air filter

Repaired sub-frame (dude before me used regular bolts without a shoulder to mount the bottom of the sub-frame, which nearly wore through the sub frame mounting holes)

All new plastic

New skid plate

New Pro-X piston, rings & gaskets

New water pump cover (previous one took a hit and was leaking)

New 3.2 gallon gas tank (would have kept the original but the brass inserts for mounting the shrouds were spinning inside the gas tank)

New pipe mount

New front brake rotor and pads (front rotor was dished as bad as the rear!!)

New front wheel bearings and spacer (original front wheel bearing spacer was cracked down the length on two sides, and bearings were toast)

New handle-bar mounts (bike came with Emig triple clamps, and the bar mounts were stripped)

New front rotor cover

New front tire

New lower fork guards (came with carbon fiber ones, and they were nearly disintegrated)

Enduro Engineering hand guards

New front axle nut (dude was using some hardware store nut that was 3 times as broad as the original)

New Front Brake line holder

New Boyesen Reeds (originals were chipped so bad, I can't believe it started)

New Works Connection rear caliper guard

New Scott's Shark Fin

New e-line carbon fiber pipe guard

Powder Coated Stator and Clutch covers

New clutch hub (one of the 5 tall fingers on the hub was JB welded on the inside and screwed fast from the backside. Dang thing must have broken off previously :) )

Filed grooves out of clutch basket.




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Hope you give the original owner a slap on the back of the head..

Sounds like you will give the KX a good home

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Very nice looking KX. I bet it breathed a sigh of relief when it rolled into the back of your pickup truck! It's always amazed me how some bikes get treated. All in the span of a couple years.

I recently went through the same thing outfitting my "back up" bike. I actually had to replace a lot more than you did. But still I'm happy with it. Bought it off of a good friend who gave me a super deal. Just a lot of pride in working on a bike and knowing everything is up to snuff.

Back when I was a kid a local radio station was having a call in give away for a mini trail. I was on the phone like all day trying to win it. The next door neighbor kid dropped by and saw what I was doing. He went straight home and called in and won it first try. Ticked me off. In the course of one summer I saw that bike go from being brand new to being a siezed piece of torn up crap. Really left an impression on me as to how not to treat a bike----no matter how much money you don't have in it. RR.

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At the prices that Kawasakis go for anyway, you probably could have bought a new leftover for that amount of cash. At least you now she won't let you down now. Nice bike :)

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