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Turn Signal Indicator Dilema

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My turn signal indicator (above the highbeam indicator) has stopped working when the right signal is on. I traced it back to a broken wire, but it is broke inside the indicator assembly. Is there a way to scoop out that gel they use to seal it, so I can resolder the wire? I can tug on it a little and it will work. My other thought, if I can't get inside the box, is to splice the right wie to the left one going to the indicator and use a diodes to that it won't back feed to the other signal light on the opposite side since this is exactly what the factory did inside the indicator assembly. I would buy a new one, but it is 117 bucks for 4 stick'n indicator lights! Anyone have one they wanna sell? If I can get that waterproofing resin off the back of the assembly, I'll just fix it, but I'm at a loss as to how to remove that resin with out damaging the rest.


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