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Land between the lakes ?

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We are thinking about riding at Land between the lakes is it a good place to ride a MX motorcycle.

thanks Dale W. :):)

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Yeah, it's a good place to ride. Below is some info on the area that was sent to me.

Turkey Bay is hilly and rocky. There are areas for just about anyone. There are easy areas that are good for beginners and kids, and there are areas for the not-so-faint-at-heart. The thing that makes Turkey Bay user friendly is that there is usually 2 or more lines to choose from. Almost every hill has multiple ways up...some more challenging than others, but they end up at the same point. The trails are very open. There is VERY little single track. At the pace we ride, most trails are 2nd to 4th gear trails. Nothing that I would call "tight" and not really anything wide open either (except for the main trail).

3 day passes to Turkey Bay are $15

Annual passes are $45 and run from April to March Primitive Camping at TB is $8 There are tons of campgrounds throughout LBL.

Area Motels:

Early American resort - $41.95 / night pet charge of $8 Across road from Willow Pond restaurant. 270-474-2241

Ken Oak Resort - $41.95 / night pet charge of $5, has a refridgerator. 270- 474-8000

Fin n Feather - $42.51 allow small pets, 2 night min. 270-474-2351

Lakeland resort - double bed $42.51, queen $46.87, 2 double beds $46.89, $5 pet charge, First motel on the right, next to The Hitchin' Post(traveling East on US 68).


All of these motels/cabins are on US highway 68 (the only road through Aurora).

http://www.moorsresort.com/cottages/index.htm ---MOORS http://www.kylake.com/travelcenter.htm --- LBL LODGING

Tips for riding Turkey Bay:

1. Watch out for dune buggies and jeeps on the trails. They move slower and are often stopped right in the middle of the trail.

2. Be cautious of the blind corners on the main trail. Usually someone will be haulin' in the oposite direction. Several people have been hurt this way.

3. Be cautious of the hill climbs at the top. Some "peak" and drop off the other side. I heard of several "launch" stories.

4. When crossing trails (especially the main trails) look both ways first.

Again, several people have been hurt this way.

5. Don't hit the mudholes. Most are DEEP...especially down by the lake.

6. Expect to lose some knobs off the rear tire...lots of rocks. Also for those on 2 strokes, expect the possibility of dents in the expansion chamber from the rocks.

7. If you get lost, just keep riding you'll eventually make it to the main trail and it will take you back to the parking area.

There is a main trail that loops around the riding area. It is 20-30 feet wide...and for some reason, that's where most of the people ride. We always stay as far from the main trail as we can. When you get to the better trails, you'll never see anyone.

We will probably be there March 13. We try to ride there every Saturday. I can't really tell you how to get to good trails, but we can definately show you. We are also having a Dirtrider.net spring ride there April 30-May 2.

You guys should try to make that ride. We have a DRN ride every spring and fall and it's always a blast!

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good clean family fun.....

There are ALOT of rocks however. As mentioned, stay away from the mudholes. :)

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Thanks for the information on the LBL riding area. We are coming down March 4-10th. We are excited about riding in a new area that has trails tracks and a place where the whole family can have fun.

thanks again for the information Dale. :)

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There isn't a MX track there, but the trails are great. don't worry about the weather, the last time we went, it rained all morning, we rode in rain gear, by 4pm, dust was becoming an issue.

As far as a MX bike, I ride a yz450, not a racer of any sort, but works great.

Have fun. :)

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