Bike won't start

Hello all,

I have a 2000 YZF426 and it won't start. I went riding on sunday with no problem. The next day, I fired it up again in my garage and it was fine. The following day, I pulled out the choke as usual and fired it up with one kick as usual and it ran for about 15 seconds and I gased it prematurly without turning off the choke and it stalled. Ever since then, it won't start. I can't figure it out. I have been trying to start the bike for 3 days and I still can't get it started. Can anybody out there help me? Thanks!!

Put in a new spark plug. :) 9 times out of 10 that does it in these situations. :)

What Indy said. I've done the exact same thing, new plug and yer good.

New spark plug. What you did that will foul the plug was start it in the garage and I'll bet you didn't let it get to full temp. My bike never fouls plugs during normal use, but if I start it in the garage and run it for just a short time (such as to show a buddy the cool sound, etc..) then turn it off before it heats up, next time it needs a new plug to start. And especially if it goes put-put-put-put-pu.... and stops, that's the sound of your plug fouling. :) The good news is the plug is likely just wet fouled and you can probably reuse the same plug if you clean it up with carb cleaner and put it back in. :)

Do you fine fellows have the same problems during the summer months?

I am yet to foul a plug here in temperate Sydney, Australia and I often start and shut off my bike within a minute, particularly when changing oil.

If I do suspect that I have flooded the engine or wet a plug, I will pull the hotstart and decomp and kick it through half a dozen times. This only happens very rarely and it fires up right away.

Hey Gerry -

I've got a '03 450F. The ONLY time my bike won't start is.... When some idiot guest pumps the throttle in the garage when I'm not looking or when the plug needs to be changed. My bike starts 2nd kick - every time when a new plug is installed. I've owned it since Jan '03 and it has only happened 2 times!

The easier I kick the better the 03 ripper starts! Hope it works for you!

I went the entire summer without fouling a plug, but since it cooled off I have done it twice.

Nothing wears me out like kicking this beast over 30 or 40 times... You'd think I'd learn.

If it doesn't start on the 10th or so kick, I'm going to just start changing the plug.

Last time I didn't want to run down to the store right then, so I wire brushed the old plug and cleaned it up really good and it started right up when I put it back in. It ran rough for a few minutes then cleaned right up and has been runnign great since then.

I've heard they don't last as long once they have been fouled, but they will definitely work again after they are cleaned, just no telling for how long.

It does do the same thing to me during summer. If I always let it warm up after starting it then the plugs last a very long time (last one over a year), but before I figured out what was happening I was going through plugs quickly.

In regards to lasting after cleaning, they last just as long as new ones for me. They only reason they're fouled is they're coated with a conductive layer of something and that prevents the spark. Cleaning it off fixes the problem.

Like said clean or change the plug.

I useally clean it with diesel start spray. Just spray it for 3-5sec, wipe it off and then blow it trough with compressed air making sure its all dry and ready to go.

Another thing you can do to prevent it in the future.

1: Blue wire mod. (Do a search)

2: Don´t touch the trottle untill the engine is running.

3: Before stopping the engine, pull the hotstart for 3-5 sec to lean it out.

But still make sure you have some spare plugs just in case.. :)

.....3: Before stopping the engine, pull the hotstart for 3-5 sec to lean it out.......

Now there's a cool idea, I'll have to give that a try! Does this work for you even if you don't let the motor warm up all the way?

If I think I've flooded my 99 or I start to smell gas and it hasn't started, I've had luck pulling the compression release opening the throttle all the way and kicking it a few times. Usually it fires right up after I do this. Like everyone is saying, try the new plug and let us know how it goes. Don't throw that plug away, if it's fouled, it's just gas and can be easily cleaned.

Yeah it works great! Haven´t had a foul since then. Anyway i take them out sometimes just to check and clean them. But i haven´t had the problem with fouled plugs after a quick start in the garage since.. :)

Thanks for all of your help. I changed the plug and it fired right up with half a kick!! Thanks very much!!!

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