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HELP...needle jet bushing won't go in

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I have a 150 and I am almost ready to put the carb back together but when I took out the old bushing I got the new bushing in at one point but it was protruding past the lip on the inside of the carb, especially when I screwed the main jet back in.

So, I tapped it out and was trying to put the bushing in with the fatter side first and I can't get it in that way.

I turned it around again(the bushing) and tried to get it in and now I can't get it in either way. :)

I have tried tapping it with a hammer but I don't want to get too crazy.

I am not sure which way the bushing needs to go now.

Does anyone have any ideas?

This is my last step and then I can put it all back together and see how it runs.


42 pilot

and changed the needle w/ clip in 4th as well as trying to change the bushing.


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It sounds as though you had installed the needle jet correctly the first time!

The two ends are .002-.003" different in diameters to keep it from being inserted "backwards". The side that has the larger initial opening is the side that goes in towards the carb throat. The needle jet does in fact protrude into the carb bore a small amount.

Sounds like all is well now........


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yeah, thanks.

I thought that the bushing needed to be flush on the inside of the carb but after thinking about it I thought...even if it is sticking up a little bit I don't think it is going to hurt anything b/c the air will still be able to flow around it.

Got it done and it started right up. :)

All of the information on here has been invaluable. I have never done anything like it before but it is really pretty easy.

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