Front axle allen head?

What is the purpose of the internal hex head on the front axle of my '99 WR? How are you guys removing the front axle when you have to fix a flat on the trail? In the garage it's no problem - hammer & drift and couple of light taps.....


The pinch bolts on the bottom of your fork legs keep the axle from rotating. Loosen up the axle bolt, then loosen the pinch bolts.


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The hex serves no purpose. After you remove the axle nut, wedge a small screwdriver in the right fork leg slot. That will make it much easier to extract the axle.

NH Kevvie - that's what I forgot to do.... just kidding.

Actually, I was more curious than anything -there's no good way to remove the axle that I can think of.


You can purchase a Axle Hex Extender from ZipTy Racing(part#YAH0001) for $14.95 that really simplifies axle removal. There are Too many trick "works" parts on Ty Davis' site! :)


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I use a large bolt that just fit inside the axle. With vice grips or pliers it's easy to turn.

g,day from oz. I made a grab handle for mine and it only cost a couple of dollars and half an hours work. Get a hex headed bolt that fits snuggly into the front axel, cut the threadded part of the bolt off so the bolt is only about 20mm long. Stick it in the vice and drill a hole right through the bolt shaft.approx a 4mm hole. Get an old chrome mirror stalk, cut the mirror of it and put a 90 degree bend in it about 2/3rd's of the way up it. Now weld the bolt into the end of the axel and clean any welding dags up on the axel so it still slides in & out of the fork leg ok. Next slide the old mirror stalk into the hole in the bolt u drilled before so its flush on one side, and the bent part is running parrall with the axel. weld it in place. you should now have a very handy grab handle attached to your axel. trim off the stalk so it just rests up against the fork tube protector. U may also like to put a kink in it as well to keek it of the protector so u can grab hold of it easier to get the axel out. I've done this mod to my last 2 wr400's and it works a treat out on the trial or during a race for faster tyre changes. hope it all makes sense to you , easy and cheap. just the way we all like it. any problems let me know and I'll try and explain it in more detail. will be away for the next week though. Good luck



The back end of a spark plug socket will fit perfectly. Just use a pair of vise grips to turn it.


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