Old Gas?

I used up a can of premium gas today, filling the tanks of my wr250 and wr450. The gas was purchased last fall (September I think) and remained in the plastic gas can in my shed.

Someone told me I should drain that gas out before it gums up my carbs as gas over three months old separates.

Both bikes seem to run perfectly on this fuel, should I drain this gas or just carry on?


I'd say it's still fine, I start to worry about 6mo. Metal keeps gas better longer than plastic as well, imo.


3 months is it for gas without a stabilizer. Drain it and dump it in your car. Always drain your float bowl if storing the bike for a few weeks or month to avoid gumming up the carb jets. :)

Well, you can go up to a year comfortably, but it will have lost a little bit of its ooomph, but you wont notice it unless you race! Anything over a year, get some fuel stabilizer. Obtain it from any parts store. Sta-Bil is one brand name, there is others. Home Depot has it int he lawnmower section near their servcie parts area. But a different brand, ie Arnold. Just as good. I had an outboard motor with 8 year old fuel, and it worked great!

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