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Outlaw HS Canceled

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While searching for info on the District 36 site I ran across this.DT


Sorry to inform all of you that the race is canceled. The future of this race in jeapordy of never happening again if the BLM does not ease up on the financial and physical demands they have decided to implement on our club this year. I urge all of you to write the Ukiah BLM office with your feeling's and what this race means to you and your familys.

Bureau of Land Management

Ukiah Field Office

2550 North State Street

Ukiah, CA 95482

Once again sorry to all of you who look forward to this race. Our club really looks forward every year to putting on this race.

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Any idea what stopped them from running it? What did the BLM ask of them that is new form other years.

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Here is the best description I found. This is from a post by Dave Pickett D36 President & LAO Office.

I posted the link where the description of reason is, so you can come to your own conclusion. It is on the D36 web site.


"OUTLAW CANCELLED" Information update.

This years Outlaw Hare Scrambles will not be held, and the date will be removed from the 2005 race year calendar. While unfortunate, issues remain that will be addressed by the #36 LAO. (#36 and BLM meetings)

Please understand that an error in communication between BLM/Cow Mt. AND the Sonoma County Sport Cycle Association [s.C.S.C.A.] exists and time restraints to hold the event on the selected day could not be met. NO specific blame is levied upon #36 club SCSCA or the BLM at this time. Federal rules concerning events at ALL BLM areas are in process of review and communication errors occured as to the requirements levied upon the club, and the BLM. It is unfortunate that our club and the BLM could not make this event happen by the Sanctioned Date, but confusion on both sides of the issue clouded the process for a successful event.

Efforts are being put forth by #36 & LAO to insure our clubs, and the BLM - are on the same page in the future. LAO has been in communication with BLM State OHV coordinator James Keeler in an effort to rectify this situation - this event - and future events so this does not happen again. For now, this race will not happen, but every effort is taking place to insure that future events will in fact take place.

SCSCA is still holding an event in Nevada later this year. It is very important that all XC riders attend this race and support one of our finest clubs.........................

Please ease off on the phone calls and e-mails to the BLM Ranger District, as this situation is not entirely their fault.

Dave Pickett #36 LAO

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